Sunday, February 20, 2011

[PV engsub + romaji + kanji kara] Arashi - Lotus [1280x720]

really, i want release subbed after 23, but i cant keep my love and share this PV with you....
i listen lotus, i think more than 100 times before subbed this PV^^ i love this song^^
so, i think i can remember lyric without see my sub^^ with me, raw always best^^
and boom boom, i think this is a great song^^
i love white clothes, look our boys as princes=)) why you are so handsome, nino?
and i love jun's style, i think today, he is handsome than yesterday...^^
so long story, now, subbed^^
cred lyric trans by
raw convert by me from vendy vob. original file
time, kara, type, eff, encode, upload by me^^
i see full PV on 4pm today, and the first time i see lotus's pv, i know i love it^^
i think you will love it, too^^

pass: arashidaisuki

Please dont reupload
Dont sharing to streaming site
comments = love~~ it takes more time to subbed, and this subbed, as i think, lotus sub is my best sub i have ever do^^
bonus pic^^
Like a prince^^

subbed this with all my love^^ i wont think i can love a guy than love our boy. Arashi with me, they are all my world^^
the funny thing, when i see all trans on 5 cap i use:
I am not affraid of a future i have seen yet...
I just believe in the world in front of my eyes
Things I have in my hands Things I've lost
we'll be shown the way to happiness
Living in the present Walking with you

this is the lyric i love best^^


  1. Thank you very much

  2. Thank you! I'm always looking for a good looking karaoke and I finally found one :D Gorgeous!

  3. Thanks so much for your amazing work! It's wonderful, just like our boys!

  4. it's very similar to the monster moves! :)
    thanks for uploading!! :P

  5. my favorite! thanks for uploading! :)

  6. you really made me happy^_^♥♥♥ thank you so much for sharing!!!^_^ i hope you never get tired of sharing^_^.L.O.V.E!!!!

  7. Is the file still there for download? I try but can't get through