Saturday, March 5, 2011

[TV show] HNA 120 - VIP Room Guest: Hasegawa Jun [full][1280x720][engsub]

after all, finish^^
i fell sleep and now, all link finish^^

Pass: saobang2211@lj

Raw from
the first time i am subbing full vip room ep^0^
Thanks to
[info]minimusic1015 help me trans so fast and clearly^^
after finish, i think i forget add staff and my :" Don't upload to streaming site" and do hot link, reupload, thanks--
and MF link welcome

haha, but i can tell my sho and ohmiya is really cute on that ep^^ aiba too^^ and Jun-chan, our guest, is really funny^^
i not really good to write information for this ep^^ so enjoy^^
and comment if you taking^^ this take so much time to sub all^^
we subbed with 2 person, so will have more mistake^^ so your comments help me do better next time^^

you can hear love you from our boy-- ( verry funny, and i wish sho-chan tell me like that before i am sleep *dreaming*
listen our boys says english and become model^^ so great ep, ne--
now, enjoy^


  1. may i please get the soft-sub
    and the raw ep
    if you don't mind

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for subbing this particular episode. My sister directed me to clips of this segment on youtube but it was much more enjoyable to see it in full. It was a fun episode, what with the boys trying their hardest not to look like they're trying to impress the girl. (Lol, does that even make sense?) Anyway, had a blast watching it. Couldn't really tell which member Hasegawa Jun would pick in the end until she caught him in a headlock--very entertaining. :D

  3. thanks for uploading!!!

  4. Thanks a lot! I've watched the RAW and it's sooooo funny!!! And now with the subs.... Thanks again!!!

  5. thank you so much for your effort!
    i really enjoy your site, i can get almost all i want!!
    but i have something which i've been thinking all these while.. not sure whether i shall tell you..
    but i still choose to tell you, coz i really enjoy your site
    if will be better if the background image could be change to a lighter color one, coz it's almost impossible to see the writings on it.. (including the tags at the right bar).
    i need to drag the words to read everytime..
    sorry, this is just a suggestion,
    hope it wont offend you
    i really enjoy your site, so i hope more and more people feel easy when going through ur site.
    keep it up!
    thank you so much!

  6. Arigato, Thank you for uploading!!!!!

  7. can i know why i click at megaupload..its said they can't find megaupload

  8. thanks for subbing!!